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BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance: The Best Money Can Buy

April 10th, 2010

BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance Review
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BABYBJORN BabySitter BalanceParents, do you feel that juggling time to do the unending chores around the house while raising a newborn or toddler always sucks the life out of you? Do you wish that you had a substitute babysitter to lend you that extra hand even for that very few seconds? If you’re actively looking for solutions to these questions, then the BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance may just be what you’re looking for and more.

The BabySitter Balance is a baby bouncer seat that turns your child’s movement into a gentle and soothing rocking motion, keeping them comfortable and entertained while you’re running around doing the laundry, sorting out expenses or when your other kids requires your attention. With the 3 available reclining positions, you can either sit them upright and let him figure out what’s going around his lil world or have the seat reclined for rest and sleep.

Unlike other bouncer seats, the BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance does not have any noisy mechanical parts and requires no batteries as the bounces are generated entirely by your child’s movements, almost magically! Need to head to grandma’s or the park? The BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance folds up easily and is extremely light (weighs only 7 pounds), making it a breeze to bring around on whatever trip you have planned . The fabric is biologically tested and is assured to hold a child up to the age of three. The reversible fabric allows for easy customization to its look and style, perfect for the trendy baby.

BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance features:

  • Cradles your child while transforming baby’s smallest movements into a soothing, rocking motion
  • Easy to fold and take with you, wherever you go
  • Three positions: play, rest and sleep
  • Anti-skid pads, front and back, keep it in place while preventing damage to the floor
  • The soft, comfortable cloth cover is both detachable and reversible
  • Discounts up to 34% on Amazon

Sounds to good to be true? Watch This:

Here are what some very happy parents have to say:-

Daniella P.,

This product has really helped me get things done around the house. Our daughter sits in this “babysitter” while I load the dishwasher, fold clothes, take a shower (she is right outside of the glass door so I can see her) and get her bottles ready. She also sits in it (as we have yet to get a high chair) at the dinner table with my husband and I when we eat dinner. She is on the floor, in the “babysitter” and not on the table. I have taken the cover off and washed it several times, and it still..Read Full Review

Big Al,

I was searching for a seat we could use for our son with moderate/severe reflux. We’ve been keeping him in an extra car seat but its a nuisance and not safe unless we strap him in. Most seats/swings seem to make him curve too much and sit back. This seat is great. The most upright position is sooo upright, he just loves to have conversations and kick his legs in it (couldn’t do in the car seat). And if he gets sleep, I can easily..Read Full Review

Get it on Amazon from only $129.26 + Free Shipping

Baby Bouncer Seat

January 4th, 2010

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