Combi Pod Bouncer Review

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Combi Pod Bouncer Review by Sarah S.
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Combi Pod Bouncer

Are you looking for a cute baby bouncer seat that is not only practical and stylish but yet affordable? Then look no further, the Combi Pod Bouncer is just perfect for you! Excuse the cliche, but it really is that good.

The uniquely designed bouncing leg, allows the seat to bounce along with your child’s movement or from your touch. This bouncer seat also features a removable canopy to help control light exposure and a rear pocket for easy storage.

Let the seat sing 3 different lullaby tunes to your baby while soothing vibrations put them into their much needed slumber. The rear-mounted controls provide easier access and less disturbance to your child’s sleep. Not only does it have 3 different songs but you can also plug in your own music player for more music variations!

If you’re like me and a million other parents out there, you probably have complained about not having “free hands” to do your chores. Well, now you can! Keep your child entertained with the removable toy bar which includes threetoys, while you enjoy your “freedom”. Fancy, a relaxing bath anynone? (with your baby in the bathroom, of course)

See the Combi Pod Bouncer in action:

Here’s the full features list:

  • MP3 input for your own customized music
  • Sleek contemporary design
  • Hammock style 2 position seat with 3-point logo harness
  • Removable toy bar with wooden toys
  • Built in sound and vibration unit
  • Save 23% when you purchase here!

Let me show you what current owners of the Combi Pod Bouncer seat has to say on Amazon.


“…and this is my new favorite piece of “infant gear”. the materials are nice and the construction seems sturdy. there are only 5 pieces in the box, and it is SO SIMPLE to put together..

…incidentally, this seat was $10 less on amazon that at babys r us, and with free shipping here, i was pleased with the price overall…” Read Full Review

K. Forristall,

“Although this chair does not “bounce” like one on the angled legs, this chair keeps my baby comfortable and happy. Now 3 months old, my baby has been digging this chair since he was born. He takes an afternoon snooze in it every once in a while. the design of the hammock style chair makes it really easy to set a sleeping baby down in without waking him up because it cuddles him just right. The lower incline is just enough to keep him from spiting his food back up too, which is s big problem for us after he eats..” Read Full Review

If you’re interested in getting the Combi Pod Bouncer, you can get it for only $69 at Amazon + Free Shipping.


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