Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer Review

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer Review by Sarah S.
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Available on Amazon for $51.99 here.
The Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer is simply perfect for your baby to play, rest and develop key motor, visual and auditory skills.

This rainforest themed baby bouncer seat comes equipped with a removable toy bar which captures all the wonders of the rainforest. The toybar has a mesmerising see-through “waterfall” as the centrepice. There are two bright and cheery animals, a monkey which plays peek-a-boo and a toucan that moves back and forth overhead. It also includes two hanging toys with spinners and flutters that offer a variety of tones and textures. The toybar is certainly going to delight and charm your curious baby.The toybar is also easy to remove so that you get easy access to your baby.

Another cool feature of the the Rainforest Bouncer is that it has two modes of play; parent-activated and baby-activated. The parent-activated mode offers six stimulating songs, or your baby could activate the light-up waterfall and peek-a-boo action themselves by batting at the hanging toys. The baby-activated mode also offers features six shorter songs plus three sound effects to actively interact with your baby.

Enough Play-time? Let your baby take a snooze by turning on the calming vibrations and lower down the volume and let your baby indulge in the soothing sensations that the Rainforest Bouncer provides.

Do you have safety concerns? Don’t worry, the three-point restraint system and a pad fully supports your baby’s head, neck, and shoulders.

Lets take a look at all the Features that this baby bouncer seat has to offer

  • Modes of play : mom activated with 6 longer, continuous playing songs
  • Bouncer’s calming vibrations and gentle bouncing motion comfort and soothe baby
  • Waterfall with lights and colorful animals stimulates baby’s visual sense
  • Removable toy bar easier to get baby in and out of chair
  • Mode of play: baby activated with 6 shorter songs plus 3 sound effects that reward baby for active play with the toys
  • If you want to get this baby bouncer seat, you can get it for only $51.99 at Amazon

Here’s what current owners have to say about it.


Excellent Bouncer. My son used this for the longest time. We only took it away when it wasn’t safe anymore (he was too big and way past the recommended age). He was not happy about it. He loved the lights and waterfall. He played with the toys hanging and loved the music.

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We’ve had this for a few months now, and it’s still one of the “go-to” items in our house. Our daughter enjoys the lights and music and is challenged to reach the dangling toys with her hands. She also loves to prop her feet up on the bar;) The only minor gripe I have is that you cannot lower the volume of music and have it stay that way – if the music stops, then when it starts again, it pops right back up to regular volume. However, that is a *very* minor gripe, since the music is not too terribly loud in the first place. Highly recommended!

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Overall,The Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer is perfect for parents who are looking for a fun yet practical baby bouncer that could keep their babies occupied while they go about doing other chores.  Click Here to get them for only $51.99 at Amazon, this baby bouncer seat is certainly a bargain!

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