Pamper Your Child with the Boppy Cradle in Comfort Bouncer

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Boppy Cradle in Comfort Bouncer Review by Adam P.
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If you love your child as much as I do then I recommend this sophisticated yet extremely comfortable seat for your child. When I discovered the Boppy Cradle in Comfort Bouncer I kind of wished that they came in bigger sizes so that I could give one a test run myself, just to see what my baby is smiling in his sleep about!

These are some features that particularly won me over:

* This lavish seat comes with very deep padding that gives the baby the uttmost comfort.To make matters even better, they can be removed for machine washing in case they get dirty which we know will always happen around babies.

* The well designed seat can be reclined into two positions depending on the activity of the baby. You can lay it almost flat for the baby to go to sleep. If you want to have some play time with your infant you can easily make the seat upright.

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* You do not have to stay beside this seat rocking it and humming to your baby if you have somewhere else you need to be. This seat bounces intelligently in response to your baby and can also vibrate to lull the baby into slumber. It has 5 melodies that twinkle away in the background too. The batteries used for these features are not included when you buy the seat but once you do there is an automatic shut off timer that will make sure you do not have to buy new ones frequently.

* Last but not least I loved the way it is almost impossible to topple over this seat. It has a sturdy leg structure and these are covered with anti slide rubber to make sure there is no unwanted movement of the seat. Other seats may be good bouncers but at some point you realize you have to be constantly watching it to make sure it does not drop your kid smack on the floor. You will not have this problem with the Boppy Cradle in Comfort Bouncer.

Here are the features list:

  • Unique 2-stage, grow with me design allows maximum adjustment for newborns and infants at rest and play
  • Recline seat for comfortable newborn rest and incline to bouncing position as baby grows
  • The luxuriously soft and deeply padded removable bolster and head support cradle even the smallest newborns
  • Calming vibration, five gentle melodies and three soothing sounds, with volume control, calm even the fussiest babies
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Here’s what other users have to say:

D. K Field,
“My month old has loved this bouncer since birth and it has saved us many times! There are nights where its impossible to put him back down to sleep in the wee hours, so I put him in his bouncer and it works every time. He has also grown to be a bit colicky, and during fussy times a few minutes w/the vibration feature and heartbeat sound on works wonders. This is the only item that he actually enjoys being in, and spends any amount of time in. I wish I had one for every room b/c it is a pain to move…but I’d be crazy if I had to live w/out it.” >Read original review

“I received this as a gift and would highly recommend it for newborns. It’s definitely more about comforting than entertaining. The fabric is very soft and the seat is very deep and enveloping compared to most bouncers. It does bounce if baby gets energetic, but not on its own, however you can bounce it gently yourself with very little effort. It has a volume control for the music (soothing melodies) and sound effects (rain, water and something which sounds like a heartbeat) and a gentle vibration feature. The structure seems very stable and I can’t imagine it could tip easily, if at all. I have mostly used it for..” >Read Full Review

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